"We are the architects
of our destiny"

- Albert Einstein

Who We Are

RBR, Estate Investments, S.A. is a Portuguese company that offers a full spectrum of services: architecture, property management and real estate development. It was founded in 2013. Our offices are in Lisbon, but we select the most privileged areas of Portugal to develop our projects.
RBR offers three lines of business, always highlighting the quality of premium services.


RBR develops projects in all areas, prioritizing the environment and the framework. We work with the best partners to ensure the quality and efficiency of projects. We are present in all phases of the project, from the beginning to handing over the key to our clients. We have a diverse portfolio of single-family homes in Lisbon, central Portugal and Algarve, but each project is special and unique. The design, innovation and quality of luxury materials are part of the company's identity and are present in every detail.

For RBR a house is a lifestyle.

Property Development

With a know-how of many years, RBR assures in a complete and transversal way the whole course of a project. It is concerned with ecological, cultural, and economic sustainability. It uses materials with low environmental impact, recyclable and profitable, with the aim of protecting the biodiversity of ecosystems as a source of sustainable development.

RBR thinks about the future.

Property Management

Our company offers condominium and tourism management services. This kind of service is governed by high standards of demand, which guarantees the satisfaction of the clients and provide them with unique and unforgettable experiences.

RBR offers quality management

Rita Barata da Rocha

Founder and CEO of RBR, graduated in Architecture, with post-graduations in Management and Marketing, that complement her background and influence her professional path.

With over 20 years of professional experience, she has worked in several renowned architectural firms, taking on the coordination of projects and, later, the direction of Marketing and Communication of the Imocom Group, present in Angola, Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal. In 2013, she founded RBR, Estate Investments, S.A. and as Co-Owner assumed the role of CEO.

Passionate about her work, she offers value to her clients. Each project is the result of exhaustive research and a rigorous and innovative creative process. A home is much more than a place to live. It is a unique space that provides privacy, comfort, and quality of life, always in an exclusive environment, in the city or near the sea.

She guarantees that RBR projects are a safe investment. Her company provides an exclusive and personalized service to each client. It is close to its clients from the moment they make the decision to purchase until they hand over the keys. RBR gives advice about investment procedures and helps to make the client’s dream come true.

She meets her commitments, and she establishes trusty relationships with her clients, her team and her partners. Seriousness, transparency, social and environmental responsibility are the four pillars of RBR, Estate Investments, S.A.








Santo Estevão Residence

Restelo 27

Vilamoura 49

Restelo 12

Restelo 25



Rua Tierno Galvan, 10, 9.º piso, Torre 3, Amoreiras
1070-274 Lisboa, Portugal